Pro-Turkey Hackers Hit Leading Twitter Accounts

Hundreds, or even thousands, of many, Twitter users high profile, were hacked by someone who seemed to support Turkey in its diplomatic row with all the Netherlands.

Their reports shown the Turkish flag — along with a Swastika — turned to face to the right and hashtags to the Nazihollanda and Nazialmanya reports, which shown remarks on the strike.

One of the casualties are Amnesty International, Duke University, Starbucks Argentina, the European Parliament, the BBC, Nike Spain as well as several high profile individuals, including vocalist Justin Bieber.

Twitter Jumps Into Actions

Twitter Support on Wednesday reported that the problem had been addressed by it.
We identified an issue affecting a few users. Source was a 3rd party program also it’s been worked out. No actions needed by users.

Twitter had “transferred the programs permissions to Twitter accounts worldwide,” noted Willis McDonald, senior risk supervisor at Core Security.

Its answer was “suitable, given the variety of accounts affected and additionally the strike had to do using a third party program rather than Twitter itself,” he told TechNewsWorld.

The way the Hack Occurred

The hack seems to get used a zero day vulnerability in Twitter Counter, a third party program on the Apple App Store as well as Google Play, said VP of business development at NuData Security, Robert Capps.

Its web site was shut down briefly, “for care.”

“If Twitter were a state, it will be the 12th biggest on earth,” Capps told TechNewsWorld.

Its more than one hundred million users, and its own ability as a real time supply of advice, “make it an appealing and vulnerable target for account takeovers,” he explained, since it gives lousy performers “accessibility to the crowds of stars and brands with thousands of followers.”

Gangsters or Authorities?

Twitter Counter users can take away the program from their apparatus and alter their account qualifications, and since Twitter has removed the program’s consents, he noted, casualties “just should get rid of the violating tweets to remediate their accounts.”